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Custom wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and other electronic services not only keep your cables and wires safe from damage and abrasion, but they also make installation and maintenance easier. Using custom electronics manufacturing ensures that your power cords, box builds, and other products are designed to meet your exact specifications, leading to more cost-effective, efficient processes.

From power cords and simple wiring harnesses to complex control panels designed to meet the most demanding conditions and specifications, Electri-Cord Manufacturing builds electronics products and parts for a wide range of industries including Commercial/Industrial, Automotive/Transportation, Military/Defense, Medical/Life Sciences, and Alternative Energy.

Custom Electronics Services and Products

Electri-Cord designs and manufactures products representing the full spectrum of electronics manufacturing capability:
Custom Wiring HarnessesCustom and Standard Cable AssembliesDomestic and International Power Cords and CablesCustom Box Build Electronic Assemblies for Military, IT, and CommercialDesign and Manufacture Custom High Level AssembliesCustom Manufactured and Assembled Control Panels

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Custom Electronics Wiring Manufacturing

Electri-Cord provides innovative electronics manufacturing solutions for industries around the globe. In business since 1946, we have the expertise and experience to tackle all of your wiring applications. To learn more about our custom electronics services and products, contact us today or request a quote for a more comprehensive cost estimate.
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