Mission & History


OUR MISSION is to add value to our customer’s supply chain, and ensure their success, by providing a broad range of electronic manufacturing services; delivering custom manufacturing solutions; and building long-term, trust-based relationships.


Electri-cord founded in Brooklyn, NYElectri-Cord’s story of innovation began in 1946 when Charles Wexler founded a power cord company. In 1963 Jerry Samuels became president, and moved the company from Brooklyn, NY to Westfield PA in 1965. Electri-Cord became a leading supplier of cords to the Medical industry.

In 1972, TFI purchased Electri-Cord, and was acquired in 1982 by Leucadia. Through this period, management remained in local hands, and in 1983 Mitch Samuels was named president of the growing cord manufacturer. In 1997, Electri-Cord formed a strategic alliance with one of the largest cord manufacturers in Asia to enhance customer service and offerings.

Leucadia sold Electri-Cord to president Mitch Samuels in 1997 – ushering a period of intense growth and reinvention for the corporation.

In 2000, Electri-Cord opened a Guadalajara factory and purchased EWC, followed by a number of acquisitions in subsequent years: Power Cabling, Balck Electric, Bergquist Cord division and Bergquist EAB.

Electri-Cord has diversified from manufacturing only power cords to a major supplier of cables, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and box builds to some of the largest companies in the world.

As we continue to seek out strategic partnerships with global partners, each new opportunity brings additional core capabilities and competitive advantages that help us to better power your innovation.

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