Electri-Cord Management Team

"Wired for Your Success"

Let’s face it, it takes great people to turn a great idea into a great product. Each member of the Electri-Cord team brings unique background, skills and perspective to our work. We have structured every aspect of our business to best serve our customers, and our employees are encouraged to constantly improve processes, reduce variability, and ensure that only top quality products leave our factories.

From courteous and accurate order entry to innovative design assistance, the Electri-Cord team is wired for complete customer satisfaction.

Key People at Electri-Cord who Power your Innovation 

  • Stuart Jara - CEO
    • Lisa Romaneo - CFO
    • Hector Ramon - VP, General Manager MX
    • Terri Bower - Director of Human Resources
    • Julie Thompson - Director of Quality
    • Mike Vargeson - Estimating Manager
    • Jason Samuels - Director of Materials
      • Israel Engle - US Manufacturing & Engineering Manager
    • Mary Foreman - Director of Sales
    • Ryan Samuels - Director of Product Management
  • Mitch SamuelsChairman
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