High Level Assembly

Custom High Level Assembly (HLA) Soultions Manufacturing Line
Custom Box Build Electronic Assemblies Custom Panel Assemblies
We’re wired for anything. At Electri-Cord Manufacturing, we’ve turned innovation in electronics into an applied science. We have the resources and skills to design and manufacture a wide range of custom High Level Assemblies (HLAs) for the most demanding vertical markets, including Alternative Energy, Defense, Healthcare, Industrial and Transportation. Our team supports your project from concept, Design For Manufacturability (DFM), to prototype, and into production. We have the ability to scale from quantity 1, configuration 1 to medium or high volume production. Many customers are confident in our Quality Management System (QMS) and leverage our Direct Order Fulfillment (DOF) services to minimize handling and total cost. Electri-Cord leverages our Supply Chain skills, Globally Local™ approach and strategically positioned manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia to provide flexibility and lowest total landed cost – wherever you are, whatever your needs. For high quality innovation made real, call today to discuss your custom HLA requirements.
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