Heavy Vehicle J1939-9-Pin Diagnostics Cables

Product Description Diagnostic Pass-Through Connector & Cabling: Offers flexible cabling that is compliant to SAE J1939 requirements. The Connectors are environmentally sealed, thermoplastic, and cylindrical connectors with a coupling ring for mating. Data Port connection is designed to allow on-board CAN system to mate with the diagnostic computer. The green, Type II connectors are for use with the 500 kbps network.

Pass Through

Product Type Features • Allows end user’s product to remain installed and offers diagnostic pass-through connection without removing primary system connection. • Low Profile Connectors: • Connector Style : Custom Pass-Through Circular 9Pin • Connector System : Wire-to-Wire • Sealable : Yes • Hybrid Connector : Yes • Primary Locking Feature : Integrated in Housing Configuration Features • Number of Positions : 9 Electrical Characteristics • Nominal Voltage Architecture (V): 12, 24, 42, 48, 80, 90, 125, 240 Body Features • Color : Green • Cable Exit Angle : 90° Usage Conditions • Operating Temperature Range : -40° – 105 °C  Operation/Application • Circuit Application : Power & Signal • Heavy Duty environments & Heavy Duty Vehicles • Easy Installation • Cable Length /Custom to customers’ requirements • All Cables are 100% Tested For Polarity and Continuity • Manufactured in Electri-Cord’s UL, ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949 cost-competitive facility in Mexico with FOB Minnesota. • Specializing in Automotive and Fleet Management Cables and Harness’s & Custom assemblies. Pass through comparison ALL PRODUCTS ARE CONSIDERED TAILORED CONFIGURATIONS TO MEET YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS. CALL THE SALES DEPARTMENT FOR PRICING AND ORDER MINIMUMS 814-367-2265 Visit our Locations Page or Select by Region

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