Powered by our Globally Local© Approach

Globally LocalTo meet the needs of even our largest customers and to remain competitive in the ever-shrinking global marketplace, Electri-Cord offers a combination of manufacturing and distribution solutions to support a broad range of customers and industries. Our facilities in each major manufacturing region carry appropriate industry-specific quality certifications and an experienced team to support the life cycle of your product. And, we maintain local inventories to ensure on-time delivery – when and where you need it.

Electri-Cord is your one-stop-shop for all things wire and cable related. Wherever you are manufacturing, we can provide the wiring harnesses, cable assemblies or other products you require – from simple to complex. We can stock products for convenient distribution to our US customers, or we meet the requirements of your global facilities, no matter where they are.

Our Globally Local© approach means samples and inspection data can be supplied to our customers with the speed of dealing with a US supplier. Then, when the time comes to start servicing international locations, no further vendor searches and expensive approval processes are necessary.

Whatever your challenge, wherever you are we’re wired for solutions.