Electronic Contract Manufacturing


To quickly and efficiently meet consumer demands, certain projects require the use of several different types of services such as project management, high level assembly (HLA), and kitting & assembly. Custom contract electronic manufacturing process solutions allow for certain aspects of production to be handled by an outside service provider. When handled properly by an outside electronic contract manufacturing company, custom electronics assemblies can save significant amounts of time and resources.

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Project ManagementHigh Level AssembliesKitting & Assembly

Electronic Assemblies Project Management

Our Project Management Teams consist of leaders from all disciplines in Engineering, Materials, Quality, Manufacturing, Customer Service and Logistics. Our project managers support your visions from conception to completion, on time, every time. Our expert project management teams provide the following competencies:

  • Review and recommendation for component selection
  • Technology recommendations
  • Cost reduction recommendations
  • Competitive Supply Chain selection and management
  • Regulatory compliance and readiness for approval submission
  • IPC A 620 Compliant manufacturing processes
  • Efficient Manufacturability optimization in our ISO9001:2015, and IATF 16949 manufacturing facilities.

Custom High Level Assembly Contract Manufacturing

Our High Level Assembly contract manufacturing operations allow for simplified production, floor space management, inventory reduction, and budgeting solutions. Electri-Cord has the resources and skills to manufacture a wide range of custom High Level Assemblies (HLAs) for the most demanding vertical markets.

Custom Electronic Kitting and Assembly Manufacturing Services

Assembly and Kitting Services provide an easy and simple way to compile all the individual parts of a product into a convenient kit, allowing for frustration-free assembly of your product. Custom electronic kitting and assembly manufacturing solutions provide a simple, quick, and cost-effective approach to production. Some of the benefits of kitting and assembly services includes:

  • Faster Assembly
  • Increased Shipping Accuracy
  • Enhanced Packaging Efficiency

Global Solutions for Custom Electronics Assemblies & Contract Manufacturing Solutions

Electri-Cord leverages our Supply Chain skills, Globally Local© approach and strategic manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia, to best support your project – wherever you are, whatever your needs.

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At Electri-Cord, we provide enhanced labor and facilities cost offsetting capabilities. Our experts can develop a lean manufacturing process, design a cost-effective supply chain and deliver finished goods to your distribution center, and point of consumption. We can also manufacture goods at a variety of complexities and volumes, which enables our partners to focus on delivering the complete solution and user experience that your products deserve.

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