Certification Standards & Testing

Electri-Cord maintains world-class manufacturing standards, processes, and procedures that have established our reputation for excellence in electronics manufacturing. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our industry certifications and strict quality testing procedures that ensure we meet or exceed the quality standards required by the industries and markets we serve. We have designed—and continue to improve—the most widely used power cord testing equipment in the world, the CT100 Semi-Automatic Power Cord Tester. This golden standard for power cord testing is required by many of the largest OEM companies in the world.  

Our dedication to quality is supported by our industry certifications and proven by our strict quality testing procedures. We have the expertise, capabilities, and global reach to provide our customers with the highest level of quality, value, and service in everything we do, making us the preferred choice for all your electronic manufacturing needs.

Continuous Process Improvement Backed by Rigorous Quality Testing

At Electri-Cord, we want our customers to have complete confidence in the reliability and durability of the products they source from us. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure the power cords, wiring harnesses, and cable assembles we produce meet the highest quality and safety standards before leaving each facility. We want our customers to have complete confidence in the reliability and durability of the products they source from us. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Operator Training and Certification: All operators are certified to the IPC-A620 standard for cable and wiring harness fabrication and installation.
  • Capability Studies: Electri-Cord conducts extensive capability studies to ensure our production processes are optimized to consistently meet customer requirements.
  • Statistical Process Controls (SPC): We use SPC to continuously monitor and improve our manufacturing processes. This helps to reduce defects and drive out rejects from production, resulting in higher quality products.
  • Reliability and Functional Testing: All products undergo rigorous reliability and functional testing to ensure they perform as expected in real-world conditions. This includes tests for durability, electrical performance, and other key parameters.

Once all testing is complete, we issue a certification for each product. Our certifications are recognized by industry leaders and regulatory bodies worldwide as a testament to our products' exceptional quality and performance.

Quality Certifications, Industry Standards, and Compliance

Electri-Cord is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the manufacture, assembly, and warehousing and distribution of power cords, wiring harnesses, processed wire, and related products. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety, we maintain several globally recognized certifications, including but not limited to:

ISO Certifications

Industry Certifications

Global Compliance

  • RoHs Declarations
  • REACH Compliance
  • PPAP Capabilities
  • PFMEA Studies
  • Certificates of Origin

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our experienced engineers and technicians can design and produce custom solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. If issues arise, we will promptly address the concern and arrive at a solution that satisfies your needs. Electri-Cord will work with you every step of the way to deliver on our promise of:

  • On-time deliveries
  • Quality products
  • Reduced error rates
  • Continuous improvement
  • Full product lifecycle support

Powering Your Success With Quality You Can Count On

At Electri-Cord, quality is guaranteed. Our world-class manufacturing processes, standards, and testing procedures make us the preferred choice for some of the largest OEMs in the world. Trust us to power your success. Contact us today to speak to an expert.

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