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  Employee Value Proposition:


  • Founded in 1946, Electri-Cord has a long standing history of continued growth and profitability.
  • We have continued to develop our overall product and capabilities to include power cords, harnesses, box builds and contract manufacturing. Securing our future for the generations to come.
  • We have ensured our global competitiveness by developing manufacturing in the US, Mexico, and China.
  • Electri-Cord continues to invest in the company and our future.


  • Electri-Cord believes in developing strong work relationships among all associates and fosters these relationships through day to day interaction and company functions.
  • ECM Associates Plan, organize and hold benefits and fundraisers on-site for their co-workers in times of need.
  • ECM Supervisors and Management team support the “Open Door Policy” encouraging associates to come to them with problems or concerns.


  • Electri-Cord starts new factory employees above the current minimum wage.
  • Excellent medical benefits with the employee contributions portion to our plans lower than most companies.
  • 401K plans
  • Maintain an extremely safe work environment, with an active Safety Team, and state recognition.


  • Electri-Cord continues to re-invent our capabilities and capacities to meet our customers ever increasing requirements and expectations.
  • Globally Local© sales, manufacturing, sourcing.
  • Electri-Cord listens! We seek out innovative ways to improve our employee events, recognition programs, policies & procedures based on feedback from our associates and our internal focus groups.


Electri-Cord has numerous Employee recognition programs:

  • Perfect Attendance – recognition and awards
  • Birthday Luncheons
  • Anniversary card and gift
  • Sales and Manufacturing Goal Achievements – Company Lunches
  • ECM Annual Banquet – service awards
  • Numerous ECM events through the year to recognize achievements
  • Suggestions for Improvement – recognize innovative suggestions for improving process, quality and safety
  • Information boards utilized to recognize associates at all sites


  • Electri-Cord remains focused on providing all employees with the necessary on-going training and certifications to enable them to perform their job with the highest quality.
  • Classroom and practical hands-on training for ISO and IPC A-620 disciplines.
  • Promote personal development through higher level education and on-line software classes.
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