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Electronic assemblies for virtually any industry.

Custom and Standard Molded Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

Molded cable assemblies are groups of cables that have been covered by an exterior material that protects the cables from shock, moisture, fluids, and other environmental conditions. Grouping cables together with one covering also makes maintenance and installation much easier, saving space, money, and time.

Electri-Cord manufactures an extensive line of custom and standard cable assemblies in mainstream and flexible configurations to meet virtually any electro-mechanical assembly requirement you may have.

Molded Cable Assembly

Molded Cable Assemblies

To create molded cable assemblies, a thermoset or thermoplastic material is pushed through a mold cavity with pressure. Injection molding machines produce overmolded cable assemblies that are soft, tactile, and workable.

Molded cable assemblies provide better functionality to cables. Custom and standard cable assemblies provide overmolded cable strain relief and improved pull strength, as well as protection from demanding environments.

While many companies can process wire and add terminals, very few companies can match Electri-Cord’s molding capabilities. We can overmold connectors and strain reliefs, creating a more durable, reliable, and attractive assembly.

Want your company logo on your cable assembly? We can produce custom overmolds featuring your logo, part number, or any other information you need.

Samples and complete product specifications are available on request from our Sales Department.

Hi Amp Cords and Cables

SO cords and cables are versatile electrical cords that are popular in a variety of applications. They are 600-volt service cords with an oil resistant outer jacket. SO cords and cables are resistant to oil and moisture, and feature good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics, high flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance.

Electri-Cord manufactures a complete set of power cords and cables, including “Hi Amp” or SO cords and cables designed for use in portable tools and equipment, portable appliances, small motors, and associated machinery.

All Electri-Cord Hi Amp cords are UL listed, and CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use.

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Electric-Cord provides turnkey electronics manufacturing for a variety of industries. Our electronics services and products, including custom and standard cable assemblies, are versatile, durable products that are designed to meet your needs.

To learn more about our molded cable assemblies, contact us today or request a quote.