Products for
Data Centers



Electri-Cord manufactures a wide range of products that serve the Data Center and Telecommunications markets.  With our high level of automation and in-house expertise in manufacturing and electrical testing equipment, Electri-Cord is the preferred supplier of products to the Data Center industry.

In the high-tech Data Center environment, every inch matters but what matters most is consistent, constant power supply. Data Center pathways are often tightly packed with cabling, making it difficult to distinguish between cables. Electri-Cord’s color code system helps identify each cable function, assuring mistake-free connectivity and consistent power source and visibility from the panel to the PDU to the rack. Data Center technology is trending toward color coding power supply, and Electri-Cord is leading the way.

Electri-Cord’s extensive capabilities and products for Data Centers include the following;

High Amp Cables – SO type power drop

IEC Jumper Cords – Used in data centers and in other applications. We make these in custom colors to match the color of the liquid tight used on the flexible conduit cable. Power to servers is designed to be redundant so if one power feed fails, a back-up is in place to ensure coverage. Distinct colors coming from the vertical PDU to the server provides visual assurance that the jumper cords feeding a server come different PDUs.

Power Distribution Units – Our custom, rack-mounted units are designed to meet your facility-specific needs.


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