Electronics Contract Manufacturing
to Harness your Innovation

At Electri-Cord, your products are our products.

We specialize in electronics contract manufacturing to your unique specifications, and our product portfolio and list of capabilities continues to grow with customer requirements. Our valued customers include 25 on Forbes Fortune 500 list, and we have been utilizing a JIT inventory strategy for more than 20 years. The Electri-Cord team is fast, reactive and consistent – leading the world with extensive experience in automation technology.

With our Globally Local™ approach and manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia, Electri-Cord can produce what you need, where and when you need it. Our flexible production schedule can be tailored to your product, and our dedicated manufacturing cells with self-directed work teams can provide added security if your project demands. We use leading edge design technologies that integrate seamlessly and develop manufacturing plans to deliver high quality electronics products. Just think of us as your own in-house product development team.

If you can imagine it, Electri-Cord can design, test and build it.